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"Do Well By Doing Good!"

  ~Sherry Watson
America's #1 Nonprofit Expert


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The Power of Purpose is a national nonprofit consulting firm with experience in developing best-of-breed nonprofit corporations that serve people and communities. We train people and entities to launch and grow Nonprofit businesses that make a difference. The Power of Purpose (POP) helps people develop, grow and fund Nonprofit, for-profit and hybrid businesses that bring passion, purpose and transformation to people, communities and the world.


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The Power Of Purpose is your step-by-step education system for progressing from the stages of Nonprofit startup and creation to the seasoned professional who builds a high-achieving Nonprofit corporation.


Our Curriculum

The Power Of Purpose provides online curriculum based on all varying degrees of nonprofit experience and equips you with the resources needed at all stages of nonprofit development.

Here's What We Do...

We educate Nonprofits (think nonprofit professionals, directors, board members, etc.) at generating attention and raising awareness for important causes, and teach them how to MONETIZE those efforts! With a large collection of courses, video trainings, a library of downloadable resources, and our coaching programs, The Power Of Purpose is ideal for Nonprofits of sizes and scope. 


We teach For-profit companies (i.e. Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and self-employed professionals), how to bolster profit by implementing our systems. We coach and teach them the know-how to attract attention and build communities centered on customer loyalty around their brands. They use our creative strategies to grow their business (hint: it involves working with Nonprofits)

It’s our model for monetizing Nonprofits and building great company brands, it's why so much of our business is built on the combination of Nonprofit and For-profit partnerships! There’s no better way to bring meaningful change than joining together successful, passion-filled people dedicated to making the world a better place while sharing strategies, and capitalizing on financial opportunities!


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