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10 Top Crowdfunding Platforms To Fund Your Nonprofit

Today, there are many places for nonprofits to find funding and donations online. These sites help social entrepreneurs, charities, and individuals gain access to the money that they need to be a catalyst for positive change. These platforms are a great place to start your search for funding your cause.

1) CauseVox

CauseVox an NYC startup site that focuses on helping small to medium sized nonprofits raise funds. They specialize in creating social impact with their causes. The supporters you gain are able to create their own pages to raise money on your behalf. This can help you increase your donations and exposure online. With a very flexible system and pricing, CauseVox is a good place to start for any nonprofit.


2) Razoo

Hailed as “a movement of people who want to make generosity a part of everyday life,” this platform boasts 14,000 nonprofits raising around 500 million in funds to date. Razoo also offers services for charitable fundraisers for individuals or teams and personal fundraisers. This platform also lets you display donation tiers on your fundraising page to help your supporters see their personal impact.


3) Start Some Good

StartSomeGood empowers “social innovators,” and forwards the trend of social entrepreneurship. This platform has helped over 550 projects raise over $6 million in funds. StartSomeGood exists to empower anyone with a great idea to make the world better and can help take your nonprofit to the next level.


4) Indiegogo

This platform is an international crowdfunding site for creative types that can also be used to raise money for charity and nonprofit organizations. It allows you to raise money for any cause you would want. Don’t let its simplicity fool you, this is a powerful platform for securing the funds that your nonprofit needs.


5) Crowdrise

Named the “Top 25 Best Global Philanthropist.” Since 2009, Crowdrise has helped bring together volunteers and philanthropists to increase their impact. Crowdrise segments fundraising into a variety of different categories like education or disaster relief.


6) Causes

Causes is “for people who want to change the world”. Altogether they have raised more than 30 million for nonprofits. Causes was created with 501(c)(3) registered nonprofits in mind and can help you raise money in an easy and accessible way.


7) GoFundMe

GoFundMe is a is a project-based crowdfunding website that allows any organization or individual to finance their event or project. It’s important to note that while it’s free to create and share your online fundraising campaign, GoFundMe will deduct a 5% fee from each donation that you receive.  It can be a powerful tool to find the funds you need for your organization or cause.


8) HopeMob

This site boasts a community of more than 10,000 dedicated members. HopeMob is revolutionizing the way people give to charities by providing an online resource where those who have a passion for helping others can give 100 percent of their donation directly to those who have an immediate need. Anyone who knows someone who needs assistance can submit their story and receive donations. It is a great place to start for smaller nonprofits.


9) RocketHub

A crowdfunding platform used by all types of organizations and individuals ranging from scientists to philanthropists. They use a model where you can keep what you raise and it will reward you for hitting your funding goal.


10) FirstGiving

With over 10 years of experience, FirstGiving has lent a hand to huge players in the nonprofit sector, such as Habitat for Humanity, the Special Olympics and The Humane Society. Their web-based software is both user-friendly and extremely powerful, giving even smaller nonprofits the tools they need to plan, create, execute and also measure successful fundraising campaigns and charity events.


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