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Announcing The Power Of Purpose Funding Platform!

announcement Nov 09, 2019

The Power Of Purpose is pleased to announce the launch of The Power Of Purpose Funding Platform!

The inspiration behind our new platform is that we recognize so many people want to work with The Power Of Purpose team at a higher level. Many of these amazing individuals need some funding so we can jumpstart their business and get them on the fast track!

We firmly believe that if purpose-driven people are a little short on funds or if they have some credit challenges, it should not be an obstacle in order to work with us. We want to remove barriers so we can help people build a profitable business and lead a purpose-filled life.

That’s why we have brought 25 funding partners together within our new platform.

Now many more people can access the funds they need to work with us at a high level so they can launch and grow their business!

We're always seeking a few extraordinary individuals looking to work with our team directly at a high level. Individuals seeking access to our top resources, our team of experts, and personal mentors so they can focus on changing the world and doing well financially!

Our high-level students are currently trailblazing the world of entrepreneurship! This very special group has become more than just a group of entrepreneurs working together, they’ve become an extended family. We work together, partner together, and succeed together.

And the best part is when people decided to work with us at a high-level they also get access to this special like-minded and like-hearted family of ours. They get to access some of the best and brightest minds in the world of entrepreneurship!

Now it’s true we're very selective about whom we work with at this level. Full access to our team, our special group, and Sherry Watson is very exclusive. Not everyone is guaranteed to get in because this also about alignment, core values, and our overall mission.

However, there are a significant amount of extraordinary individuals who meet all of the criteria and are perfectly aligned with our values. They are a perfect fit to work us with directly and enjoy massive success together...

...BUT they are a little short on funds, have limited access to funds, or have less than perfect credit.

That’s why we launched The Power Of Purpose Funding Platform!

We’ve made it so incredibly easy! It’s a simple application form that takes mere minutes to fill out. Plus, after filling out the form the results come back in less than two minutes!

The process is easy, it only takes a matter of a few minutes and the results come back in about 90 seconds!

There’s absolutely no risk, no obligation, and no impact on credit score whatsoever.

Our new platform provides up to 100% of the funding needed to enroll in our high-level programs, even if people's credit is not so perfect and if they have limited financial resources.

If you want to work with us at the highest level then let us help you, let’s get you funded!

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