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Audacious Project Awards More Than $280 Million In Grants

The Audacious Project, a philanthropic collaborative launched in April 2018 by TED, a nonprofit devoted to disseminating "ideas worth spreading," has announced grants totaling more than $280 million in support of eight initiatives.

The TED Conference -- The Audacious Project has broken last year's record and raised more than $280 million to help fund eight thrilling projects aimed at tackling some of the world's toughest challenges. Launched in April 2018 with a mission to foster "collaborative philanthropy for bold ideas," The Audacious Project is a coalition of leading organizations and individuals. It is housed at TED, the nonprofit devoted to ideas worth spreading, and operated with support from The Bridgespan Group—a leading social impact advisor to nonprofits and NGOs, philanthropists and investors. This year's eight successfully funded projects were distilled from more than 1,500 applications.

"I'm thrilled to introduce another class of social entrepreneurs with jaw-dropping visions of a better future and vetted blueprints for the successful execution of their ideas," said Chris Anderson, Head of TED. "At a time when many people are fearful about humanity's prospects, these projects offer a beautiful counter-narrative of ingenuity, determination and hope."

According to Bridgespan's Chairman and Co-founder Tom Tierney: "It is incredibly exciting to see The Audacious Project turbocharging such outstanding leaders and bold aspirations; these collaborations are unleashing philanthropic capital, at scale, against some of the world's most pressing issues."


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