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Training: "The Maverick Millionaire"

training Jun 03, 2019

The Power Of Purpose presents: 

Sherry Watson and Paul Finck: "The Maverick Millionaire"

On this web training Sherry and special guest Paul Finck discuss: 

"How to double your income without investing more of your valuable time by following a simple step-by-step process TODAY!" 

On this new training, you'll discover: 

  -7 Steps to take your life back

  -5 Unfair advantages you could employ today

  -How to shift your paradigm to attract financial abundance

  -Identify the beliefs that are holding you back DAILY

  -#1 reason for stress in your life and how to eliminate it 

  -The power of emotional intelligence and how to adapt to it

  -Instant access to the tools for ultimate control in your world

  -How to create long-lasting transformation daily 

For over three decades Paul Finck has developed his systems and processes as a small business owner, implemented them into his life, created the results and NOW teaches entrepreneurs just like you all around the world to follow his proven systems to create abundance in your world.

Paul Finck, The Maverick Millionaire® is one of the foremost authorities in business and personal development today. Paul speaks to entrepreneurs, organizations, and companies of all sizes, empowering them with his energizing massage, assisting them with direct answers to the toughest challenges in order to get the results they are looking for in life and business. With over 30 years of sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial life experience, Paul has consulted in numerous industries, including the Medical, Dental, Financial, Retail, Informational Marketing, Direct Sales, Multi-Level Marketing and Speakers/Coaches/Trainers. 

Paul Finck has spoken in 8 countries in 3 continents producing millions of dollars in sales for corporations, companies, and individuals around the globe.

Paul Finck is credentialed in Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and has studied for over 35 years in the fields of psychology, business, entrepreneurship, philosophy, interpersonal communication, wealth building strategies, Real Estate Investing, time management, sales, marketing, coaching, and Business consulting.

Paul is a four-time best selling author and international publisher. Paul’s personal successes include moving over $40 million in Real Estate transactions, over $30 million in informational products in over 250 live events all over the world.

Paul Finck, "The Maverick Millionaire"

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