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Announcing The Second Annual Power Summit!

 We are so thrilled to announce The Second Annual Power Summit! This year The Power Summit will be held May 8th-10th in Las Vegas, NV! 

The Power Summit is unique. In fact, this event is about the new model of business and the future economy. This is the future — for both Nonprofit and For-profit companies whether they’re Fortune 500’s or start-ups. It’s the new model for monetizing Nonprofits and building profitable for-profit companies. It’s why so much of our business is built around the combination of Nonprofit and For-profit!

This event is for you if: 

  • You’re looking to launch a business and need to get on the FAST TRACK while searching for ways to monetize your purpose and vision

  • You’re a professional looking for methods and strategies to increase your income, expertise, and make a bigger impact

  • You’re an entrepreneur looking for creative strategies to grow your business (hint: it involves working with...
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