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Our Team

Sherry Watson
Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer

Sherry Watson is recognized as one of the nation’s top experts in the world of nonprofit organizations. Sherry has nearly 30 years of experience in the nonprofit industry, she has generated over $130 million in funding and she has led movements that changed policies at the local, state and national level that has impacted and improved the lives of millions.

Sherry has designed and launched several successful organizations and corporations focused on social and economic value creation and strategic planning. Sherry utilizes her expertise in business planning, strategic planning and grant writing in her consulting work with entrepreneurs. She works with organizations and corporations in all phases. Her clients range from small start-up entities to business ventures to large corporations. Sherry’s nationally recognized as a leader of a movement that is out to change America for good, that means for the better and it means forever.

She’s renowned for unleashing the power and passion of America’s nonprofit corporations and socially conscious entrepreneurs with a clear purpose: to harness the power of the people and aim it straight at the chronic problems we currently face today. She’s fueling the movement with the Power of Purpose, a movement throughout the United States in partnership with investment funds and angel investors to build a coalition around passion and power of difference-makers from coast to coast.

Tracy Watson
Co-founder and Chief Information Officer 

Tracy Watson has served as Mentoring Student Director, Advisory Line Administrator performing duties as a Nonprofit Consultant and Program Director for the last 13  years. His previous background was in Electrical Engineering as an Automation and Controls Projector Director and Software Program Designer. Tracy also has a supplemental background as an environmental engineering consultant for remediation and reclamation projects all over the Southwest.


Derek Watson
Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer 

Derek Watson is an entrepreneur who has co-founded several successful socially conscious companies. He is also the founder and executive director of a nonprofit that helps nurture and foster the growth of nonprofits across the country. He is a leading expert on charitable giving of real estate and has helped facilitate and transact millions of dollars worth of real estate for charitable endeavors. 

Derek attended the University of New Mexico to become a student-athlete on scholarship for the UNM football team. During his time at UNM, Derek focused his studies on anatomy and physiology. After college, he began his involvement in the real estate investment world. He spent his formative years working on various real estate investments, which would be the foundation of his interest in the charitable giving of real estate.

Derek has since spent the last decade in both the real estate and nonprofit world. Running a nonprofit and real estate investment projects, he also co-founded an informational marketing company to train people on nonprofit real estate-oriented programs. In addition, he, along with his family, has educated thousands of people on how to launch their own nonprofit organizations through their educational seminars. They have also personally mentored hundreds of nonprofit students throughout the years.

Derek has quickly established himself as a leader in the world of the charitable giving of real estate. He has helped generate millions of dollars worth of real estate for nonprofit organizations. He has been featured at various masterminds, thought leadership summits, and seminars around the country and continues to assist nonprofits in acquiring real estate to help foster their growth and outreach.


Nattie Watson
Chief Financial Officer

Natalie (or Nattie as she is known) has been a valued member of the Power of Purpose team since 2011. She has spent years working in our customer service and concierge departments and now heads up the finance department and accounting.

Nattie also spends much of her time working hand in hand with our amazing mentoring students. Her magnetic and positive attitude is an incredible representation of our company’s values.


Jessie's comprehensive understanding of business, marketing and operations management help The Power of Purpose get their message out to the world. Jessie’s broad-based background encompasses exceptional work ethic and commitment to The Power of Purpose and our organizational objectives.


As Executive Director of the Internet Bar Organization, Ed was responsible for forming and structuring programs related to human rights and economic development opportunities for people on several continents. He was also a key founding strategist for the I AM Magic Foundation and Intelli-versity. Driven by a strong passion for education and coaching, Ed was Director of Business Development for INET Legal Network and founder of Transformative Law. In these positions, Ed developed some of the first live Internet-based continuing education programs for the legal profession. Ed is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin (B.A.), Marquette Law School (J.D.) and Georgetown University Law School (LL.M. International Law).

Ed counsels The Power of Purpose clients in setting up, structuring and positioning their non-profit corporations for growth and sustainability.


Brandon Johnson
Director of Nonprofit Development & Board Member

He was deployed several times and served in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. After his active duty, he served as a civilian Intelligence Instructor where he trained nearly 3,000 students in Biometric Intelligence and Intelligence Operations to prepare them for combat.

Since exiting the Marine Corps, Brandon continues his call to service by working in the Nonprofit sector and as a social entrepreneur, creating a different kind of impact in the world. He has been driven to help people in social change as the Director of Nonprofit Development for The Power of Purpose. He’s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to set up sustainable, mission-driven organizations that operate at the highest level. He’s also very dedicated in serving the Veteran community, and is on the Board of Directors of a local Nonprofit, Moderate Majority, working to support Veterans in San Diego. He also has the pleasure to serve on the Board of Directors of The Power of Purpose.


Steven Kluess

Vice President

Steve is a New Mexico native and was born and raised in Las Cruces New Mexico where he graduated from New Mexico State University with a Bachelors's Degree in Business Marketing. 

While in college, Steve managed a healthcare company that provided services for clients with disabilities and helped expand them into 4 states.  Prior to joining The Power of Purpose, Steve spent 15 years helping Technology companies start up, lead their sales and operational teams, all while continually drive company revenues.  When Steve is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and being outdoors.  


Erica Beach-Watson
Director Of Communications

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